Gift Horse

About Us

Welcome to Gift Horse!

A lifelong love and involvement with horses, (Arabians in particular!) combined with 30 years of experience covering all facets of the gift industry, has been instrumental in the creation of Gift Horse.

Being the parents of 3 horse mad daughters, we were constantly frustrated by a lack of choice of horse themed gifts in retail stores. Be it for a stocking stuffer, birthday, Christmas or ‘just because!’

It was hard to find an exciting variety of quality horsey gifts, especially all in the one location! We addressed these frustrations by providing a terrific range of horse (and animal) themed gifts suitable for everyone - whether young or old, a horse owner or admirer. When you explore Gift Horse we’re confident you’ll find that special gift.
Many horse owners also have a menagerie of dogs, cats and farm animals, so we have naturally included a selection of animal themed gifts for lovers of all creatures great and small!

One thing we have learnt from our years in the gift industry is the importance of customer service. Therefore, we will always strive to provide you with the most professional and enjoyable shopping experience possible, from the minute you enter our site, to the moment you receive your order.

You will find us exhibiting at many horse and agricultural shows throughout the state of Victoria. So pop in and say hello if you see us! It’s always a pleasure to meet our customers face to face. Please check in regularly to Gift Horse and see where we will be next! Or sign up for a regular newsletter by email.

Now let us introduce you to some of our ‘family members...!

Splashing around in some spring floods

Kate on Special Secret (Darcy)

Maddy on ESB Irish Elegance

Hot summer morning at the beach

Rosie our unofficial Gift Horse mascot :)

Our new 'Koolie Rescue' pups, Emmy & Gus

Prince helping out on a photo shoot

A cheeky Squiggles not helping out!
Maddy, Kate and team members defending their 2009/10 Prince Phillip games Junior champion titles for the 2nd year.
 Fun in the Sun. Maddy on Laydee on her first visit to a beach.  Neil with Moss and Bonnie and his ‘toys’.
Jess having fun on Bailey. Maddy’s first ride assisted by Christine. Diggers Rest station in the Kimberley, WA, 2004.


Spring Grass. 
Sqiggles, Kate, Maddy, Laydee and Prince on the first warm day of the year